Miss Allen

Mrs Allen is a Art and Photography a teacher Newhouse Academy. Her personal practice is fashion based and she has worked within the fashion industry around the UK. “I am fascinated with the way the Fashion Marketing industry has such a strong influence over society’s choice of styling, and how it can influence current and […]

Miss McNee

Miss McNee Miss McNee is a GCSE Art teacher and SEND specialist at Newhouse Academy.   “I work with a wide range of materials to create contemporary menswear illustrations. My designs feature over sized proportions and bold prints which make up key pieces in my Menswear collections”.                   […]

Mr Graham

Mr Graham Mr Graham is the Head of Art and Photography at Newhouse Academy. His personal practice is eclectic and includes illustration, ceramics, sculpture, digital media and photography. “I am influenced by illustrators from the golden age of illustration such as Gustave Gore and Arthur Rackham as well as contemporary illustrators like Emek. I particularly […]

Miss Jones

Miss Jones Miss Jones is a Art and Photography teacher, specialising in Painting. Outside of school Miss Jones paints large abstract canvases, and also uses polymer clay for jewellery making. “I am influenced by the Abstract expressionists, particularly the artists Richard Diebenkorn and Helen Frankenthaler. My work is mainly inspired by landscape and colour theory”